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How do Realtors use continuing education to sell more real estate?

Realtors are going from $22,000 to $106,000 just from taking continuing education courses. Crazy, but true! 

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"I earned over $100,000 my first year in the real estate business through the Key Education program."

Angie S.

"In my first year in the real estate business, I earned over $185,000 using the tools and techniques available in Key Education."

Ben M.

"Left a position as a carpet salesman making $28,000 a year, my 2nd year in the real estate business, I earned over $150,000 ate age 26. 2018 income- $276,000- age 31, Key Education works!"

Sean S.

"My team sold 452 houses last year and we were the #3 team in our state out of 37,000 agents from Dennis' training"

Keith D.

"I had a great job making over $55,000 a year and come in the business part-time. Took Key Education program. Had to quit that job quickly because I was making too much money and needed the time for real estate. Currently way over $150,000 a year."

John N.

"I was a parochial school teacher with 4 children getting ready to go to college, making under $30,000 a year. Went into real estate- 1st year, $75,000, 2nd year- $101,000, 2018 income-over $200,000, 64 houses sold. All 4 kids went to world-class universities. Dennis' training made the difference."

Paula N.

""Dennis' training made everything happen for me. 2018- 26 houses, $125,000+ in income."

Chelsea S.

"Came in the business as a retiree, and made over $80,000 last year. Tremendous supplement to my income. Key Education was the "key" ingredient. "

John R.

"2018- over $140,000, and 50+ houses, I am living my dream right now thanks to this program."

Kim S.

"I was a waiter in my 30's, needed a change, got licensed, $96,000 in income last year. Through the Education program, I became competent and confident quickly."

Nick B.

Meet Dennis 

Dennis has been in the real estate business for over 40 years.

With a background as top producer, Dennis owned a real estate company, for 12 years and managed over 100 real estate agents until 1992.

Returning to private practice in 1992, during the next 20 years, Dennis sold over 2500 houses earning millions in commissions in a $90,000 average sale price market. This production occurred before Zillow, large teams and lead generation. 

In 2008, in the worst quarter in the history of American real estate, Dennis formed Key Realty.

Today, Key Realty has over 1,000 agents in Ohio, Michigan, and Florida and is one of the largest and fastest growing real estate companies in the United States.

Dennis is also a nationally-prominent author, lecturer, and speaker, training tens of thousands of real estate agents through his education and training programs. 

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